Consulting services

The digital economy is triggering a new wave of transformation in the way leaders and organisations do business. However, this rapid adoption of new technologies demands significant cultural change and challenges traditional business models.

Our teams design winning strategies by harnessing the power of the new digital economy. We deliver value and performance through our mastery of digital advances, information insight and business transformation.

CFOs and finance departments have traditionally been responsible for protecting corporate assets and predicting market performance. Today, CFOs face a number of new concerns including increased regulatory pressures, technological advances, and harmonisation of accounting standards. Additionally, they must sustain and enhance shareholder value.

We are currently working on projects in the energy, insurance and bank industries on the following subjects:

    - Discovering the informationsystem;
    - Understanding the Business whether it is Commodity Trading or traditional Banking;
    - Financial IT implementation;
    - Proposing Functional specifications;
    - Organising system testing.

Our jobs are based on functional competence rather than IT developmentor software designing.