Accounting duties

Ace Orga’s financial services industry specialists provide comprehensive, integrated solutions to the banking, insurance, capital markets and investment management sectors. We help you meet goals, plan new strategies and keep you up to date on the changes in regulation and customer expectations.

Our clients’ CFOs are struggling to meet the increasing and competing demands of the business, particularly in the current economic climate. The compliance burden has grown, the finance function is subject to increasing cost pressure, whilst the demand for more and better management information challenges the function to do more at lower cost.

The EMEA Centre for Regulatory Strategy brings together regulatory specialists from across Ace Orga in order to help our clients anticipate, assess and manage the strategic implications of regulatory developments in financial services.

We focus on the impact of regulatory changes - both individual and in aggregate - on the strategies and business/ operating models of financial services firms. We help you for example on monthly financial reporting, regulatory reports, Consolidated financial statements.