The role of the Chief Compliance Officers (CCOs)


The CCOs, who are part of the management team, are responsible for the compliance of the organisation with the law, and the different policies and requirements. They ensure this compliance through the implementation of standards, good practices and process to efficiently identify and prevent non-compliance risks.

The basics about IFRS 16


We hold today a training on the IFRS 16. Here is the content.

What you need to know about the compliance function


The 2008 financial crisis linked to several economic and financial scandals has given rise to a "regulatory inflation" and the development of the compliance function.

Junior Consultant Bank/Insurance (M/F) - Paris/Francfort


We are recruiting a Junior Consultant to start in France and move to our German office, in Francfort, within 2 years.

IFRS 16 - Leasing


Leasing: Be careful - Change in accounting

International Career Fair in Madrid


ACE ORGA is creating the international CAREER FAIR in MADRID from the 26thof February to 1stof March in Wework Madrid Castellana 43. In case you wish to come please contact us, tell us your date of availability and attach your CV.

New Year 2018


Stay tuned

Last talks before the implementation


The first two packages of IFRS 9 standards about Financial Instruments will enter into effect on January 1st 2018.